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As per section 14 of terms and conditions (https://weselltech.co.za/terms_conditions/)

14.1 Nothing in this section should be interpreted to limit any rights that a customer may be afforded in terms of the CPA.

14.2 Should you wish to cancel the contract of sale with Finmetics (Pty) Ltd or return an item that you no longer wish to possess for a refund, you have the right to do within 7 business days after you receive the goods. This right only applies to goods that have not been opened or remain unused and that remain in their original packaging.

14.3 To exercise this right of cancellation, written notice must be emailed to Finmetics (Pty) Ltd at info@weselltech.co.za providing the details of the goods ordered as well as the particular delivery and the order number. Notification by phone shall not be sufficient.

14.4 If you exercise your right of cancellation after the goods have been delivered, you will be responsible for the return of the goods to Finmetics (Pty) Ltd at your own cost. Goods may only be returned by prior arrangement at Finmetics (Pty) Ltd’s premises to ensure the return can be received.

14.5 Should an item become damaged in transit to Finmetics (Pty) Ltd, Finmetics (Pty) Ltd will not be liable for such damage and the risk remains vested with the customer until Finmetics (Pty) Ltd accepts delivery thereof. It is recommended that the customer take out the necessary insurance for items being sent to Finmetics (Pty) Ltd.

14.6 A refund may be refused in the event that the goods and/or packaging are damaged or lost while in transit.

14.7 Once Finmetics (Pty) Ltd has been notified of your cancellation of the contract and the goods are returned to Finmetics (Pty) Ltd, a refund will be processed within 30 days.

14.8 Where Finmetics (Pty) Ltd has had to incur any delivery or collection costs, such costs will be deducted from any refund due to a customer. Should you prefer Finmetics (Pty) Ltd to attend to the collection, kindly indicate so in your communication cancelling the agreement between yourself and Finmetics (Pty) Ltd.

14.9 Refunds may also be subject to deductions for bank and credit card charges incurred by Finmetics (Pty) Ltd.

14.10 If the goods are not returned within 7 days of notifying Finmetics (Pty) Ltd of your intention to cancel the agreement and request a refund, Finmetics (Pty) Ltd shall not be liable to refund you for such goods.

14.11 Where a product is returned and it is not in its original packaging or the packaging has been opened, Finmetics (Pty) Ltd may in its sole discretion elect to process the refund, less an additional fee.

14.12 Where a refund for computer software is requested and same has been opened or the seal broken, such product shall not be eligible for a refund. The same applies to consumer goods which by their very nature cannot be returned, save where a fault is discovered which could not otherwise have been discovered without breaking open the seal.

14.13 In the case of custom-build computers, a charge for PC-Assembly may be deducted from any refund due to you. Where custom-build PCs are constructed according to customer specifications and the customer cancels the agreement and requests a refund, the following cancellation charges apply:-

14.14 Save for the above fees relevant to custom build PCs, cancellation of an order of any other product after confirmation that the order is correct, shall incur a standard 5% cancellation fee at the expense of the customer.

14.15 An order cancelled in transit shall incur the standard cancellation fee plus any additional transit costs at the expense of the customer.

14.16 A 20% handling fee will be charged on all returned items not covered by the provisions of the CPA.

14.17 PC Pre-Build bundles are sold by Finmetics (Pty) Ltd which results in a cheaper bundle cost. Where PC Pre-Build bundles are sold and a particular component is faulty, defective or unsatisfactory and the customer would qualify for a refund or a replacement in terms of the CPA, a refund will not be provided for the retail price of the component as reflected on the website, but shall be for the actual amount paid in terms of the bundle. Should a customer request store credit, store credit shall also be provided for the bundle price and not the retail price. This includes but is not limited to custom/pre-built desktops, laptop upgrades, desktop upgrade kits and combos.

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